Train up a child ………………………

Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

There are a plethora of books written today that expound seemingly fool-proof methods of rearing a child.  Granted, some of these literary works have a nugget of merit or two that would be a useful tool in parenting children.  Many fail to study the One book which sets forth the etched-in-stone, Divinely inspired instruction on rearing children.   THE BIBLE

Within the hallowed pages of the Holy Writ, God has set forth principles and precepts for parents to adhere when training their children to desire to follow in the paths of righteousness.  Notice the word ‘desire’.   Many a parent have suffered devastating agony over the waywardness of the beloved ‘bundle of joy’.   The Biblical principles were studied and applied but the end product was not what the Dad and Mom had hoped and prayed would engulf their child’s life.  What went wrong?  Are God’s promises in vain?  Not at all.!

The wickedness of this world and the free will of man is a fertile medium for Satan to use in counteracting the Biblical training of children.  Parents frequently find themselves in a spiritual battle with the god of this world over the souls of their children.  Only by seeking guidance and wisdom from the Heavenly Father can an earthly Dad have any  hope of rearing his child in the way of the Lord.   The one factor that seals the effort of Biblical training is unfortunately the will of the child.

Many are the stories of preachers kids who have succumbed to homosexuality, delved into pornography, or simply went the ‘way of the world’.   These kids memorized scripture, attended church faithfully, were active in youth work, but alas, their heart was far from the Lord.   What then, shall ye fret?  Shall ye wring your hands in anxious anticipation?  Not at all.   The Word encourages parents to ‘trust in the Lord with all of their heart and lean not unto their own understanding.  Those who rear children are commanded to obey the Word and leave the results up to the Lord

The word ‘those’ was used for a purpose.  There are many children being reared by their grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, or older siblings.  The following testimony is about a child that was for the most part of his childhood, reared by his Grandmother.  The Book of 2 Timothy chapter 1:5 can be an inspiration to all “GRANDmoms”  who God has given the joy of training their grandchild.  The following is a testimony of one such Grandma.

From his birth his grandmother ‘knew’ that God had a special purpose for him.  He was a preemie, weighing one kilogram.  His apgar score at birth was 8 and 9.  For those non medical people, this meant that he was in near perfect health.  What a miracle!  Totally unusual.  His childhood was to be tumultuous, born to  a single Mom, his only stable factor in his life was his Grandmother.  She would be he primary caregiver the most of his childhood.  This child would be subjected to emotional and verbal abuse from his “Christian” school teacher, ridiculed in front of his classmates and ‘written off’ by the school Principle and Superintendent, who was a Preacher.  Yet, his Grandmother had faith and trusted her God that this child would choose to follow the Lord.

God answered her prayer.  He young charge is now a grown man and fulfilling what he believes is his calling in life, serving in the United States Marine Corps.  The following is an except from a recent letter that she received.   May you be blessed as she was!

Dear Grandma,

……………….I am working hard, reading my Bible, and praying harder.  Recruit training has actually strengthened my faith.  I talk to the Chaplain, pray and sing with other recruits and atten church enthusiastically.

To God be the Glory, great things He hath done in the life of this child!


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