Women in the Word – Deborah

In the Old Testament book of Judges, we are introduced to a remarkable woman who was used of God in a position of leadership.    She was a Wife; a Prophetess; and a Judge.  She was called the Mother of Isreael……………a title of which no other woman is labeled.

We begin in Judges chapter 4 where we find that Deborah is the Judge of Israel at this time in history.  We find her dwelling under the Palm tree which was landmark at that time because palm trees were a rarity; it became known as the Palm of Deborah.  She was gifted with superior spiritual, mental and physical powers.   God had raised her up and endowed her with a remarkable personality and varied talents.  These talents were used for the Lord’s work.

Deborah would not have become the dazzling figure that she was had she not  first been a faithful wife, submitting, helping, respecting and loving her husband.   She depended upon her husband for advice, encouragement and sympathy.  She handled her God given responsibilities in such a manner that her husband, Lapidoth did not feel intimidated or threatened.  He most assuredly was still the head of his home.  We know this because the Lord will not use us in other endeavors unless we, as women, fulfill our primary responsibility as keeper of the home and being a help-meet to our husbands.

As a Prophetess, Deborah was a stately person who poured out wisdom and instruction as she declared the whole counsel of God.  God had  given her the ability to discern the mind and purpose of God, and to declare it to others.  Amazingly, Deborah did more than prophesy; she aroused the nation from its lethargy and  despair with her fearless and unsolicited devotion to the emancipation of God’s people.  Day after day she inspired those who gathered to hear her words of divine wisdom, by reassuring them that they would be delivered from their enemy if only they would stir themselves from fear and folly and go out and fight.  May that God would raise up a Deborah for our blessed America; A woman who would stir the hearts of patriots to fight to return to the scriptural foundation of our sacred constitution.

When God raised up Deborah to be the Judge of Israel, she was a brave and dauntless ruler.  After leading her army in victory over their foes, she ruled for forty years in a nation that was free from war and captivity.   She did not seek to be a Judge for God himself raised up the Israelite Judges.  She did not seek the leadership in battle.  Only after calling upon a male leader, Barak, and reminding him of the consequences of his refusing to fulfill his responsibility did she submit to God’s leading.   Deborah gained undying fame as the female warrior who rescued her  people from their cruel foes.    Her life exemplified that the way to greatness in God’s service is the way of humility, never seeking, never aggressive and never assertive..  We are to humble ourselves, like Deborah and in due time the Lord will exalt us as he chooses.

In Judges chapter 5 we learn that Deborah not only had a sword in her hand, but also a song in her heart.;  a song that revealed worship, reverence , honor, praise and adoration of the God whom she served.  Her song is immortal because her life was dedicated to God,  Above all, Deborah’s greatest gift was her trust in her God, which is the source of any woman’s highest adornment.  Hers was a brilliant career because of a heart that was fixed on God of whom she served to the limit of her ability and capacity.

Having this woman as a role model  requires that we must be diligent, devoted, dedicated, available and prepared for the work that he may have for us.  We may never be called upon to serve in the capacity of that of Deborah, but we can move through  the challenges  of life with valor, courage, bravery, stamina, endurance and power…God’s power.

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