This is My Country – America

She is mine, not yours for the take

this land of the free; home to the great

I cherish her founding; upon God she was born

I detest your reason for ridicule and scorn

Worship your god’s with your blinded eyes

I can see mine within his spacious skies

He gave us this land, the land of the free

You cannot have her, sweet land of Liberty

Her soiled was nurtured by the pilgrims feet

but you, chanting destruction, riot in her street

and comprehend not a patriots  dream

of the peaceful beuaty of hill and stream

Heathen agenda is what you hold dear

My God’s vengeance is drawing near

Behold your tyranny, it shall not last

Your destruction will come, the dye is cast

Scorn the righteous and honor sin

your evil corruption will come to an end

This  Nation founded by men of faith

Vengeance is mine; my  God saith


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