My Children’s Children – Luke

10394521_10152436519962440_8053384536570335725_nOh so tiny, a preemie at birth

More precious than gold, this child is worth

A healthy male newborn, God’s little man

Entered this world weighing one kilogram

A marvel indeed, used up calories to breathe

Being vented overnight gave him a welcome reprieve

From there he took off like a man with a mission

Received Grandma’s blood; improved his condition

Life was not easy, sometimes plain unfair

My Grandson’s a trooper, just wanted to share

He has overcome obstacles, hurt and pain

Reaping strong character is what he did gain

There’s more I could write, but you’ll understand

this miralce baby is now a grown man

????God has molded him into the guy we adore

Serving his Country in the United States Marine Corps.

His life has new meaning which he has taken in stride

Sharing life with Haley, his beautiful Bride

10421966_10204528805324575_1715238209599550732_nJust one more thing that I would like to say

Today he celebrates his 22nd Birthday!


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