My Children’s Children – Ian

15067_4236816635758_472042188_nSometimes God gives us a gift that’s so special

This time it was a child who was born bi-racial

A perfect specimen, this little man at birth

The was not a cuter brown baby on this green earth

Could not help but love my little’ chocolate cheeks’

Even though his crying sounded more like shrieks

As for his teardrops, they were so large

Could have filled an ocean to float a barge

It did not take long for us to observe

that the size of his muscles would throw us a curve

Broad shoulders and solid, a tune to his build

Athletics, his penchant, would easily be fulfilled

Approaching manhood his life ere before him

His future ambitions get a hearty AMEN

His calling by God in addition to sports

Is to make hardened  criminals end up in the courts

So if you are bent on  a life of crime

do not underestimate this Grandson of mine

He may be good looking, built strong like an ox

Be warned; he is cunning, sly like a fox

His countenance is quiet, his actions subdued

His duty as a cop will not be eschewed

He’ll follow the law, be just and most fair

Mess with him, brother?  Best say a prayer


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