Women in the Word – Lot’s Wife

Her name is not given, nor are we given insight into her heritage, but it is common knowledge among believers as to this woman’s fate.  She. perhaps could be classified as the most worldly of the worldly.

Luke 18: 32 is given by God as a stark reminder of the penalty one must  pay in for their yearning of this worlds pleasures,  the Lord Jesus admonishes us to ‘Remember Lot’s wife, and for sure, as Christian women we should consider her fate.

This short biographical note in Scripture begins as a result of Abrahams disobedience to God.  We learn in Genesis 12:1 that God commanded Abraham to get thee ‘out of thy country and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will show thee.   We are never told why Lot accompanied Abraham, perhaps he was an orphan of sorts and Abraham took him into his family.  In Genesis 14:14, Abraham refers to Lot as his brother.    Unfortunately it would seem that Abraham became an enabler of Lot for he was always getting him out of messes.   Lot had been taken captive by the king  of Elam and his cohorts,  which actually may have been a Godsend, because he was living in Sodom at this time.  Ponder, if you will, a different change of events had Abraham not interceded for Lot.  After Abraham defeated the five kings which had went against the King of Sodom we gain an insight into the perverted environment in verse 21, when the king of Sodom asked not for the goods of the spoil in battle, but ‘ give me the persons’

As wives, we have an immense influence on our husbands.  We are the engine that runs the family.  unfortunately, Lot’s wife did not embody the Godly character to nurture her family in the path of righteousness.   Dwelling in Sodom gave her ample opportunity to allow its filthy communications to soak into soul so much that when the angel of the Lord tried to save her, she did not cooperate.  It is believed that this couple married before settling into Sodom.  She was a lost person, her mind was not on the things of the Lord, her sinfulness or on the things of eternity.  She therefore had no fear of God because he was not in her thoughts.  It was the physical, sensual, and emotional pleasures that she wanted.  She was most foolish.  God commands us not to be  unequally yoked together with unbelievers and Lot certainly ignored this principle in choosing a wife.  She did not encourage him in the things of the Lord; she did not influence him to leave the wicked fleshpots of Sodom, and she did not nurture her children in the path righteousness.

She regretted so much for all that she was leaving that she gave a huge sigh and looked back.    Big mistake!  Lot’s wife lived in pleasure but was dead as she lived.  She was the wife of a righteous man of sorts; she had a name to love, but the homosexual life of Sodom asphyxiated her soul.  Thus when the still small voice of God sounded into her ear, she may not have been able to hear it, and certainly did not heed it.  Sodom with its wicked society and sin had become her whole life.

In 2 Peter 2: 7-9, the Apostles speaks of Lot as being just and having a righteous soul. He apparently closed his eyes to the filthy wicked lives of the  Sodomites, even chosing to rear his two  daughters there.  How sad for a man not to take spiritual leadership of his home. These girls grew up not only nameless, but shameless.  It would appear that the ungodly influence of their mother had tainted their hearts and mind against the God of their Dad and their great Uncle Abraham,  Any warning by Lot was utter nonsense to them.,  Lot was reaping what he had sown; he had offered his virgin daughters to be raped by the perverted men of the city in lieu of allowing those men to have their way with the angels who had come to warn Lot.  No wonder these girls did not have any respect for their father.  But again, I must ask, “Where was Mrs. Lot?  Would she have not wanted to come to the rescue of her offspring?   No!, for sure.  Their socialite mother was an evil influence on them.

Alas, Mrs. Lot met her fate when as they were leaving the city, she looked back.  Big mistake!  She had been warned by God, yet her love for the world was so strong that she could not, would not resist temptation.  As a result, as I heard just recently, she became a ‘cow lick’  A pillar of salt!  Sadly, her daughters were so far indoctrinated in worldly wickedness that this judgment of God upon their evil  mother had little, if any, effect upon them.  In fact we learn that their own wickedness would be manifested in a sadistic and immoral sin with their own father.  They seem to have no qualms or later signs of repentance when they deliberately made their father drunk and they proceeded to lie with him in order to conceive.  Such wickedness is most assuredly from a perverted mind that had been fertilized by an evil mother.  Their conduct was absolutely revolting and an abomination to a Holy God.   See Leviticus 18:7-17.

There are those who question the miracle of the pillar of salt  even though it is mentioned again in Numbers 18:19 as a perpetual covenant; one that is to be in full force and never broken.  It may well signify, in this case, and everlasting case against carnal curiosity, unbelief and   disobedience.  Apparently the female shaped pillar of salt is located on Mt Sodom in Israel, overlooking the South western part of the Dead Sea near the Biblical location of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sadly, many Christian women of today have little fear of repeating some of the same errors that Lot’s wife committed; the sin of being worldly!  We are truly  living in the Laodicean Age of Apostasy that is evident by the attire of church going women.  For sure, we cannot fault a lady for wearing outdated fashions to church, however, apparel that displays cleavage; exposes an excessive amount of skin, and gives way to masculine imitation is not the  best way to honor the Lord when we gather to worship and praise him.  The is something to be said about a modest femininely dressed lady; it is refreshing and I believe, pleasing to the Lord.

The world is filled with women today who rarely think about God, about eternity, about the wickedness of their sin, or about the coming judgment of God.  They will be cast into the Lake of Fire to dwell for eternity with Lot’s wife.  There is however, an alternative to going to Hell as punishment for their sins.  God has provided a way for man to have his sins forgiven, nailed to the blood drenched cross of the Lord Jesus, God’s only begotten Son.  Romans 10:13 reminds us that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

The family of Lot was a bad  group, and have disgrace, disaster and death written in their epitaph .  They remain a solemn reminder of the truth that “God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap  Galatians 6:7   It is believed that Lot’s wife’s name was Lideth, or Edith.  The name means  prosperous in war.  Would she had been a soldier in God’s army!


One thought on “Women in the Word – Lot’s Wife

  1. You have made me think more about Lot’s wife(and Lot). Even thought there is so little about her you have opened the mind to what she could have been really like.

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