What is that in Thine Hand?

Christianity like many organizations of the world has as one of its problems the fact that most of the work is accomplished by 5% of the people associated within the fellowship of the believers.  The plethora of excuses range from the profound to the ridiculous.  Granted, there are some women who because of an unsaved spouse are limited in the amount of time and opportunity that they can devote to the Lord’s service.  Ironically, some of these Godly sisters-in-the-Lord will often accomplish more than those who have a God-fearing husband.

Unfortunately, some female believers just do not want to be taken out of their comfort zones, they do not want their routine interrupted.  Others will serve if so and so is not on the committee.  These foolish excuses can be classified as sin!

There are ladies who struggle with an inferiority complex of sorts, and truly believe that they do not have the knowledge or the ability to perform a service for God.  Oftentimes with a little bit of encouragement, they will become successful servants in a given area.  When it comes to discerning what our talents are which the Lord can use in his service perhaps we should consider the question that God asked Moses  when he wanted Moses to go down to Egypt and confront Pharoah about letting the Israelite people leave.  “What is that in Thine Hand?”

Moses was to be the human instrument by which God would lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.  Wow, what a privilege, What an honor!  No, not for Moses, for he asked God “Who am I, that I should go unto Pharoah, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt? God reassured Moses that “I will certainly be with you ………”  This is true in our lives also.  regardless of what God has called us to do, he will certainly be with us, as he promised.

There was still a major hesitancy on the part of Moses to obey what God had asked him to do.  Afterall, Moses was not a household name and he more than likely did not enjoy a measure of clout.  He shared his reservations to God that “suppose they will not believe me, or listen to my voice?”  This is when the Lord said unit Moses, “What is that in thine hand?”  Moses had a rod in his hand and the Lord commanded him to cast it upon the ground. and it immediately became a serpent.  But when Moses grabbed it by the tail, it became a rod again.  As God continued to demonstrate the miracles that he was going to perform to help convince Pharaoh to honor his request, Moses was still unwilling to concede that he was the man for the job.  He now turns to his lack of eloquence in speaking, and that apparently he had a sort of speech impediment, to which God answered, “Who has made mans mouth?…………now therefore, go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you will say.”  God’s anger was kindled against Moses because of his reluctance to obey the command that he had given him.  So, what it boiled down to was that God would send Aaron, the brother of Moses to Egypt to be the mouth of Moses.  God would tell Moses what to say and then Moses would tell those words to Aaron.  Such a pity!

When it comes to serving in the local church, we should be willing to ask ourselves, “What is that in thine hand?” What tool of our calling is in our hand?   Have we cast it on the ground that it has become dormant or lost in the cares of the world?  Or have we put forth our hand and taken it up by faith, thus allowing it to become an instrument by which God’s will can be accomplished in our lives?

What is that in thine hand?  Is it a recipe, a set of car keys, an ink pen?  Could it be a puppet…a volleyball….or a crochet hook?  Maybe it is a mop or a broom.  Is it a tissue, a computer or a sewing machine?  What tools of your calling are in thine hand?  Will you be willing to let God use then for His glory?

We are not unlike Moses in that we can find a myriad of excuses to keep us from  being committed to the Lord’s work.  Perhaps the most common reason is that catchall phrase, “I am not qualified!”  When it comes to visitation, witnessing, teaching a Sunday School class or preparing a meal for a convalescing person. we need to make every effort to serve, to give of our time, our talents and our material possessions.  God has made our mouth, he will give us the words to say when we are witnessing, counseling or teaching a Bible Study.  He has made our hands; they can hold a needle, a kitchen utensil, car keys, or a Gospel tract.  He has made our feet, and how beautiful are the feet that spread the Gospel message, or run an errand for an elderly person, or pick up some neighborhood children for Sunday School.

So, my dear Sisters-in-the-Lord, let’s replace the “I am not qualified” to “Teach me to use that which is in my hand, Dear Lord”


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