Bathsheba – A Tarnished Christian

bathshebaBathsheba is best known for being an adulteress, a woman involved in infidelity with King David.  This sin resulted in her pregnancy, her husband’s murder and the death of her firstborn son.  Her story did not end at this point in her life.   Fortunately, we learn that her life did have a happy ending.

Bathsheba came from a God-fearing family.  She became the wife of Uriah, one of the most trusted and loyal of Kind Davids military leaders.l  Her grandfather, Ahithophel, was a trusted counselor of King David’s.  As with most Grandfather’s Ahithophel was proud of his beautiful granddaughter and proud of her valiant husband.

Temptation often has as its breeding ground situations where we are not being obedient to the will of God in our lives.  David a valiant leader, decided to take time off from fighting the battles with his enemies and began lounging around the house.  Perhaps he thought that since he had bravely trusted men to do the fighting that he did not need to become involved in the rigors and risks of battle.  Bathsheba, likewise, was not in the will of God because she did not see to it that her bathing was not being observed by others,  The Bible is not clear whether she knew that King David was looking upon her nude body; nor whether she made the effort to even look around to make sure that she was not being watched.  This was a perfect medium for Satan to develop the necessary temptation to lure both of these foolish people into sin.

King David looked, then he lusted, and then he lured Bathsheba into his bed.  The Lord warns us that when lust hath conceived it bringeth forth sin and sin when it is finished bringeth forth death.    Bathsheba was summoned to the King’s palace, possibly being totally unaware of the nature of the invitation.  Perhaps, in her heart she feared that it was bad news concerning her faithful husband, Uriah.  This woman had a Godly, trusting husband who was very loyal to the King; risking his life in the service of her seducer.  However, once she became aware of the King’s intentions, she could have fled as Joseph did when Potiphers wife attempted to seduce him.  She did not!

God has made it clear that our sin will find us out, and so it was with the adulterous affair of King David and Bathsheba.  She became pregnant.  They decided to cover up their sin by bringing Uriah home from the battle in hopes that he would be intimate with his wife and thereby no one would know that the child was actually fathered by Kind David.  However, being the man of character that he was, Uriah refrained from being with his wife because his men in battle were not able to be with their wives.  David, getting a little desperate, even got Uriah drunk, thinking that he would mellow and sleep with Bathsheba.  It would also seem plausible that Bathsheba, herself, did all that she should do to allure her husband into her bed.

Plan “A” having failed, King David, succumbed further into sin, by arranging for Uriah to be killed in battle.  Having seemingly been able to cover up his sin, he married Bathsheba.  Foolish David did he not remember that Jehovah knew all about his sin.  In fact, God sent his prophet, Nathan, to confront David.  Once rebuked, David came to his senses, confessed his sin against the Lord, and the Lord forgave him.   Psalm 51 is evidence of David’s sorrow and repentance of his transgression against the Lord.  Unfortunately, sin always has consequences.  The Lord chose to strike the child with an illness that would result in his death.  God’s Word is true, we are not to be deceived; God will not be mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  David arranged for the death of Uriah,  God arranged for the death of the child that David had fathered with Bathsheba.

Being restored into a fellowship with God is as refreshing as a gentle spring rain.   We learn from scripture that there is much rejoicing in heaven over a sinner that repenteth.  A with the prodigal son, God is eager to begin bestowing blessings upon his wandering sheep that returned to the fold.

bible-episode-2-david-bathsheba-solomon-pKing David is remembered as a man after God’s own heart.  Bathsheba, having also repented, became the mother of Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived.  In addition, she is mentioned in the genealogy of out Lord Jesus.   Both of these did not allow sin to ruin their lives.  Once forgiven by God, they put the ugly past behind them and pressed forward in the service of the Lord.  Let this be a  lesson for all of us who have been delivered from sin-ridden pasts.  ………………more as the Lord leads.





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